Spring-like Japanese sweets

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Hello everybody,

The spring is supposed to have come here for about two weeks but unfortunetely the sky is very greyish and it’s still quite cold in Paris.

But don’t get discouraged, there is a good news for you, if you can’t want  till the “real” spring coming.

We have “Spring-like taste japanese sweets” in our restaurant Karaage-ya.

Currently in our restaurant there are five kinds of japanese sweets and  two of them are spring-like flavoured.

The first one is called Yomogi-mochi, it’s a type of mochi(sweet rice cake flavoured with artemisia(a kind of japanese medicin plant) and sweet redbean paste in the middle.

The second one is called Sakura-mochi, it’s also a type of mochi but cherry blossom flavoured and furthermmore rolled with a cherry blossom leaf and filled with sweet redbean paste.

Why don’t you come over to discover our karaage fried chicken and our new desserts.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.